Gradual onset groin pain

Gradual onset groin pain is a condition characterized by the slow and progressive development of discomfort in the groin area. Commonly associated with activities involving repetitive hip movements, such as running or certain sports, this condition can be attributed to various factors, including muscle strains, hip joint issues, or overuse injuries. Symptoms may manifest as a dull ache, tightness, or tenderness in the groin region.


Groin tendonitis/tendinopathy

The adductor muscles can become inflamed through overuse or following a strain that isn’t treated properly. Symptoms include:

Pain and stiffness at the top of the groin. Groin pain can travel down the leg and make it difficult to run.  Overuse or previous injury can make the tendons that attach the muscles to the bone inflamed.  More information on Groin tendonitis/tendinopathy.


Iliopsoas bursitis & inflammation

The iliopsoas muscle is a powerful hip flexor used to bring the knee up at speed when running. Inflammation of the tendon or the bursa (small sack of fluid) can cause:

Gradual onset pain deep in the groin area.
The muscle or tendon itself can become inflamed causing groin pain and a feeling of tightness and swelling.
Symptoms include pain at the front of the hip which may radiate down to the knee or even into the buttocks.

Iliopsoas bursitis symptoms and iliopsoas tendon inflammation have similar symptoms and may be difficult to distinguish between the two.

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Groin pain from a Hernia

Hernias in runners are a relatively uncommon but potentially problematic condition that occurs when an organ or tissue protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. In runners, inguinal hernias are the most prevalent type, often resulting from increased intra-abdominal pressure during activities like running. Symptoms may include a bulge in the groin area, pain, and discomfort. While conservative measures such as rest and supportive garments may provide relief, surgical intervention is often necessary to repair the hernia.  More information on sports hernia.


Hip Pointer

A hip pointer is a painful injury that can affect runners, involving a bruise or contusion on the bony prominence of the hip, typically the iliac crest. This injury often results from direct impact or trauma to the hip area, such as a fall or collision during running. Runners with a hip pointer may experience localized pain, swelling, and tenderness, which can significantly impact their ability to run and engage in other physical activities.

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