Gradual Onset of Achilles Pain

Achilles tendon pain is a common complaint among runners and athletes and gradual onset of pain can be indicative of underlying issues that, if addressed early, can prevent more severe complications.


Causes of Gradual Achilles Tendon Pain:

  1. Overuse and Repetitive Stress: One of the primary culprits behind the gradual
    Achilles Tendon pain
    Achilles Tendon pain

    onset of Achilles tendon pain is overuse and repetitive stress. Engaging in activities that involve constant pushing off, such as running or jumping, can strain the Achilles tendon over time.

  2. Inadequate Footwear: Wearing shoes that lack proper support or are worn out can contribute to Achilles tendon discomfort. Insufficient cushioning and improper alignment may increase stress on the tendon, leading to pain.
  3. Tight or Weak Calf Muscles: Imbalances in calf muscles, specifically tightness or weakness, can affect the biomechanics of the ankle and contribute to gradual Achilles tendon pain.
  4. Sudden Increase in Intensity: Rapidly increasing the intensity or duration of physical activities, especially without proper conditioning, can strain the Achilles tendon and result in pain over time.


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