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Be 100% certain of your diagnosis and treatment plan

Making decisions about surgery is one of the most important in a person’s life.  Second Opinions with an Orthopedic doctor are a way to learn about your diagnosis and choices for treatment options. Some doctors are more conservative while others tend to be more aggressive.   Our second opinion service means you are consulting with a top sports medicine doctor to confirm a diagnosis and/or find possible different treatment choices available to you.

Obtain a 2nd Opinion online from across the country or around the world.  Patients now have access to the top sports medicine doctors without having to travel great distances.  Get diagnosis and treatment options from the comfort of your home or office.

We have providers who specialize in every injury from head to toe.

Concierge Service

We will assign you with a personal care member who will be with you every step of the away to insure you get the best care possible from SportsMD before, during and after appointment.

Specialty Doctor Assignment

We’ll recommend a doctor based on matching your injury, sport and the doctor specialties.  We’ll confirm and schedule a 2nd opinion via telephone or video.

Why Get a 2nd Opinion Appointment


Second opinions are a way to learn about your diagnosis and choices for treatment options.


It’s often quite difficult to adequately assess the severity of an injury and a simple muscle strain can look very similar to more serious injury. Thus early assessment from a Physician specializing in your particular injury is essential for early appropriate management.


Will my Doctor be upset if I get a second opinion?
Most doctors will welcome another physician’s input.  A good doctor understands your right to be well informed and should support a second opinion.


Doctor’s opinions may differ
Our sports medicine doctors may come up with a different diagnosis, or at least offer a different opinion as to treatment choices. Not every doctor will have the same opinion with regard to injury and possible treatments. Our doctors have been trained at top healthcare institutions and have experiences in working with professional athletes.


Treatment methods may differ
Some doctors prefer to monitor the situation and use less aggressive procedures before moving to surgical intervention. Some doctors like to use more aggressive treatment methods from the beginning. By getting a second opinion, you can expand your options about different treatment methods which may be most suitable for you and your situation.


Second opinions don’t hurt
It never hurts to get a second opinion. Keep in mind that doctors are human and they too can make mistakes or be faced with unusual or challenging cases. When the first doctor’s opinion is the same or similar to the second doctor’s, your confidence will be increased.  With serious injury that may require surgery or extended treatment, you should feel confident that you have chosen the most appropriate treatment.


How to get a Medical Second Opinion from a Sports Doctors

virtual care registrationSportsMD offers Virtual Care and Second Opinion Services.  It allows you to quickly and conveniently speak with a sports doctor or specialist and have an effective alternative to emergency room, urgent care, or waiting for a doctors appointment.  You can get Virtual Care from your home or anywhere via phone or video chat.

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